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Domestic, Professional & Commercial Tree Surgeon Services in Cambridgeshire.

Whether a tree has been damaged from a storm, diseased or simply has outgrown the space it was planted in, Doctor Tree are here to help. They provide services such as tree removal, stump grinding, tree reductions and more.

Our expert tree-felling team have decades of experience in the industry and are fully equipped to tackle any job, whether great or small. Taking pride in efficiency, our expert tree fellers remove anywhere between one to six trees a day, depending on the complexity of the job required.

born holding a chainsaw

Humble Beginnings to UK Logging Champion

Born and raised in Cambridgeshire, our founder and owner Daniel Fortuna always had an entrepreneurial spirt, and fondly remembers taking on odd jobs a child whenever he could.

At just nine years old he found himself inspired after watching local tree surgeons from his bedroom window. His parents saw his potential and gifted him his first chainsaw when he was only 12 years old!

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When he turned 16, Daniel turned inspiration into action by beginning his official tree-felling training. His competitive side then took root, and he entered the UK Logging Championships at 18 where he won the under 24 class at his first ever championship. At the European Championships in 2013, Daniel set his own personal best at 16.5 seconds for changing a chain on a chainsaw…the world record is 8.3 seconds!

Returning home after competing against the world’s best, his drive for tree-felling still burns bright today but instead of showcasing his talents on the global stage, he is committed to delivering world class service within his local community with Doctor Tree.

Above and beyond

Making a Difference

Doctor Tree goes above and beyond with their services; there is no job too big or too small for their team of expert tree fellers. They have once even gone as far to zipline the trees down a client’s back garden to get the job doneseveral other firms told the client this was impossible but not for Doctor Tree!

But Daniel and his team don’t just work on large-scale jobs such as these; they also work as locally as your own back garden. One of the most common issues experienced by homeowners is when a tree they have planted grows to consume their garden. This is seen commonly with eucalyptus trees. This disarming tree, which adorns many gardens across the UK that can grow up to 4ft across and over 60ft tall where they can become unmanageable quite quickly. Doctor Tree can make your garden space manageable again by removing these types of trees.

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Daniel and his team are a proven team of problem solvers – They don’t simply give up at the first hurdle. Instead, they work together with their network of local contacts to find a solution for their clients, even going as far as organising road closures and grapple sawing to get the job done safely and effectively.

Conscious about Conservation

Doctor Tree has put measures in place to reduce the amount of waste they create when tree felling. Daniel and his team remove and turn the useable, otherwise healthy parts of a tree into wood chips or processed into firewood. We produce around 250 tonnes of woodchips and 250 cubic metres of firewood annually from our work.

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