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Tree Removals

When a tree must be completely removed because it has become unsuitable for it’s location, we will remove it piece by piece in a safe and controlled manner causing no damage to obstacles underneath.

Crown Raising

Crown raising becomes necessary when low branches cause a nuisance or even a danger in gardens or close to roads. This type of pruning does much less damage to a tree than reducing the canopy size.


This involves removing nuisance or unwanted tree stumps. Stump grinding is very efficient for removing large stumps in smaller spaces without causing excessive destruction outside the working area.


When a tree has become too big but is still wanted we can reduce it’s overall height and width still maintaining a natural shape. This will enable it to continue to grow as a healthy pleasing specimen.

Hedge Maintenance

We can offer hedge maintenance services from regular formal trimming to over grown reductions to complete hedge removals for when it is no longer required. We are experienced in hedge trimming.

Dead Wooding

When a tree is thick with growth it can be beneficial to remove dead and dying branches, rubbing and crossing which can be prone to failure and removal of some healthy branches can lend a more pleasing aspect.


Pollarding is often carried out on larger trees in smaller spaces and commonly seen along roadside trees to maintain mature trees to a manageable size. This can be done year upon year.

Dangerous Trees

Trees that have been partially or fully blown over by high winds and storms. Hollow, rotten, unstable structures that have been made weak by fungi or disease can cause a tree to become dangerous.


We supply locally sourced high quality seasoned hardwood to private and trade customers. Our wood has a low moisture content and will ensure a long hot burn.

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