Crown Raising

What is Crown Raising?

Crown raising or crown lifting is the process of removing the lowest branches of a tree. This would be necessary if these low branches have become a nuisance or danger in gardens or when close to roads. Removing these branches also allows more light into areas under the tree which can be beneficial in gardens. Crown raising does much less damage to a tree than reducing the canopy size, so is often the preferred pruning method.

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How we Carry out Crown Raising

This can differ depending on the type of tree and removing too many branches can have a negative effect on a tree’s health, so it is always best that an expert assesses this first. Our local tree surgeons will be happy to offer advice on this topic, just get in touch.

Our expert tree surgeons will first asses the tree and decide what height the crown line should be raised to.

After the desired height has been agreed we will then climb the tree, using specialist equipment and carefully prune the lowest branches back to the trunk.

We will lower these branches safely to the ground and clear away any debris from the site.

Why choose Doctor Tree

When preforming crown raising it is critical that the overall structure of the tree is not compromised, as this could leave the tree unsafe and in poor health. At Doctor Tree we possess all the knowledge and expertise to preserve and extend the life of a tree. You can trust us to always put the health of the tree first.

Our staff are professionally trained tree surgeons and we always prioritise safety in everything we do. We will carefully remove any branches in a risk free and controlled manner to ensure that no damage is caused to the surrounding area and clear away any debris.

What our customers say

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Contact us today for any tree care services you require and get a quote. We are a friendly local tree surgeon in March, Cambridgeshire who are always happy to help. We can discuss your needs further and offer any support and advice.