Dangerous Trees

What are Dangerous Trees?

Over time, trees can become dangerous for a number of different reasons. High winds and storms can cause irreparable damage, leaving trees partially or fully blown over, or with hazardous branches. When this is the case, the best course of action is often to completely remove the tree so it is no longer causing a hazard. Trees can also be a danger if a disease or fungi has left them rotten or their structure has been compromised. Dead branches that are left on a tree can present a hazard as they could fall during high winds. When a tree is suffering from disease, our priority would be to remove the dead or diseased branches through dead wooding or pollarding. This would eliminate the need for the tree to be cut down completely, while also encouraging new, healthy growth. Sometimes trees can simply become too large for their surroundings and start to overhang roads or properties, presenting a danger to the public. By using one of our pruning techniques we would be able to easily solve this problem, allowing the tree to continue to grow without causing any obstructions.

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How we Deal with Dangerous Trees

To correctly deal with a dangerous tree we would first carry out an assessment of the tree, to work out the best course of action.

We would ideally try to preserve the life of the tree if possible, by removing any hazardous or diseased branches. However, if this was not an option, we would look into complete tree removal.

Once our expert tree surgeons have decided on the necessary work, we will conduct the process safely and efficiently, making sure to clear away any debris when we have finished.

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We are local tree surgeons in Cambridgeshire who are passionate about the work we do. At Doctor Tree we are qualified to work with trees in private and public spaces, as well as ones protected by Tree Preservation Orders or in Conservation Areas. This means that whatever your tree care requirements are, we will be able to help.

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