Dead Wooding & Crown Thinning

What is Dead Wooding?

Dead wooding is the process of removing dead or dying branches to encourage new growth in the tree. These branches can become dangerous if they are left on the tree, as during high winds and storms they could fall, so it is important to get them removed as soon as possible. Dead wooding also promotes healthy growth in the tree as it stops the spread of disease and fungus, which if left untreated, could damage the tree beyond repair. The appearance of the tree will also be improved through dead wooding, and more light and air will be able to pass through the branches, making the tree more stable in high winds.

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How we Carry out Dead Wooding

Our expert tree surgeons will use specialist equipment to climb the tree and cut away any branches that are dead or dying.

We also remove any branches that may be rubbing together or crossing, as these branches can often spread diseases within the tree.

Dead wooding is essential to reduce the risk of falling branches and keep the tree in top condition. We then lower the branches that have been cut safely to the ground.

What is Crown Thinning?

Crown thinning involves thinning out the density of the crown of the tree, by removing small stems and branches. This increases the light that is able to pass through the branches and allows air to move more freely through the crown of the tree, reducing wind resistance. The aim is to thin the tree’s excess branches without altering its size or shape.
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How we Carry out Crown Thinning

We start by assessing the tree to see by what percentage it should be thinned. This can differ depending on the size and species of tree.

We then use specialist equipment to climb the tree and strategically remove the leafy branches to reduce the overall density, without altering the shape or size.

The cut branches are then lowered safely to the ground and removed, keeping the site clear

Why choose Doctor Tree

We are local tree surgeons in Cambridgeshire who are passionate about preserving and extending the lives of trees. We offer a huge range of tree services and our expert tree surgeons always preform the task to the highest standard. After the task is complete, we will remove any debris from the site, ensuring everything is left clean and tidy.

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