We supply high-quality, seasoned hardwood ready for use in your open fire or log burner. We choose to sell hardwood over softwood, as hardwood is superior when burnt and provides more heat. Hardwood is also less prone to popping and spitting, which again makes it more efficient than softwood.

All our wood is locally sourced and recycled from our tree surgery work. We make sure it has a low moisture content, so it will provide a long, hot burn when used and is always of the best quality.

We sell various size logs and loads to meet your requirements and can deliver straight to your door. Get in touch to order your firewood today.

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Log Splitting Services

We also offer our clients the option to keep the wood on site, once we have completed a job for them. We use a log splitter to cut the wood into easily manageable logs, ready to be seasoned and then burnt. We can offer advice on seasoning, so it is all done correctly, and you are left with high quality firewood once it is ready to use.

Why choose Doctor Tree

It is always best to buy your firewood from a professional provider such as ourselves, as it is important the wood is seasoned correctly to avoid chimney damage and blockages. Different species of trees burn differently, and some are not suitable for use in an open fire or stove. At Doctor Tree we only use the most effective types of wood for our logs, avoiding wood that spits too much or produces large amounts of smoke when burnt. Some types of wood can even be poisonous when used as firewood, so it is essential to consult an expert if you are unsure. Our team of friendly tree surgeons are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

What our customers say

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