Tree Felling – Tree Removal

What is Tree Removal?

Although we ideally like to work to preserve and extend the life of a tree, sometimes the complete removal of the tree is the only option. Tree removal can be necessary for a number of reasons including when a tree has become hazardous or is diseased or dying, or if the tree is now unsuitable for its location. Trees which are compromised can present a danger to the public, property and yourself.

How we carry out Tree Removal

We start by assessing the tree and its surroundings.

Sometimes we can prolong the life of the tree without the need for tree felling, by reducing its size or through the removal of rotten sections.

Once the risk assessment has been conducted, we look for the safest way to remove the tree, without causing damage to the surrounding area and put a plan of action in place.

Trees on Private Land

For trees on private land this is a fairly straight forward job. The task will be completed by removing small sections of the tree at a time, lowering them carefully to the ground. The trunk is then cut up into logs which can either be removed or kept on site depending on the owner’s preference. The tree stump is cut close to the ground and then can either be left or removed, using specialist stump grinding equipment.

Trees over Public Spaces

When removing trees which intrude into public spaces, we work with the relevant authoritative bodies to seek any necessary permissions. We then cordon off the area and conduct a risk assessment to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the tree felling, as well as the public. We can take care of this whole process for you, making everything as simple as possible.

Trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders

If you need help with trees that are protected by Tree Preservation Orders or Conservation Areas, we will handle any applications to the council and paperwork to obtain permission for the works to take place. Making the process as easy as possible for you.

Why choose Doctor Tree

When removing a tree, safety and care are our main priorities, as it can be a dangerous task if not carried out correctly. At Doctor Tree we are a local tree surgeon in Cambridgeshire whose staff are professionally trained tree surgeons specialising in safe tree removal. We will carefully remove the tree piece by piece in a risk free and controlled manner to ensure that no damage is caused to the surrounding area. Our friendly team always go the extra mile and are happy to work around your requirements.
After the work is complete all debris will be disposed of and removed from site, however if you would prefer, we can leave logs, for your use, or sections of wood to create wildlife habitats, establishing safe spaces for nature on your land.

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Tree felling costs can vary due to the type of tree, the complexity of the felling, and the other constraints around the work.

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