Tree Pollarding

What is Pollarding?

Pollarding is the process of cutting back branches to the trunk of the tree to encourage new growth. This method helps maintain the health of a tree and can be carried out year upon year to keep a tree in good shape. Pollarding is beneficial to ensure larger trees in smaller spaces are kept at a manageable size and is often carried out on roadside trees to control the growth.

Pollarding is also recommended as an alternative to the more drastic option of tree felling. Trees that are diseased can often be saved using this method, eliminating the need to cut down the tree completely. Pollarding can also help maintain the stability of a tree, allowing it to grow to a much greater age than a non pollarded tree.

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How we Carry out Pollarding

Tree pollarding involves cutting back the canopy branches of the tree to the trunk. This can initially leave the tree looking slightly bare however, it will quickly regrow looking better than ever. Pollarding stimulates the roots of the tree giving it a new lease of life and is recommended to maintain the health of larger trees.

At Doctor Tree we would usually carry out this process in late winter through to early spring as for most trees, this is the optimum time for pollarding.

We would then repeat this process on an annual or biennial bases depending on the tree species.

Certain tree species can require pollarding at different times of year to produce optimum results.

Our professional, local tree surgeons will be happy to offer you advice on this topic, just get in touch.

Trees on Private Land

Tree pollarding is frequently used to contain trees within their boundaries on private land to stop them overhanging onto neighbouring properties. If a tree is left to grow freely without the intervention of pollarding it can become too large for the area it is situated in and start to cause issues. Pollarding is also a really useful method for keeping trees on your property looking their best all year round and encouraging health and new growth. Get in touch with us today for any tree maintenance services and one of our expert tree surgeons, will be happy to assist you.
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Trees over Public Spaces

Trees which overhang roads or public spaces can become an issue when they get too large or overgrow their boundaries. If you have trees which are intruding into a public space (for example a public footpath) it is your responsibility to keep them maintained to an appropriate level and this is where we can help you. We will obtain all the relevant permissions for you and complete the work quickly and efficiently, making the whole process as simple as possible.  We regularly work with Cambridgeshire County Council to pollard trees along roadsides and in public places to keep them maintained.

Trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders

We are qualified to work with trees that are protected by Tree Preservation Orders or in Conservation Areas. We will handle any applications to the council and paperwork to obtain permission for the works to take place, making the process as easy as possible for you.

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Why choose Doctor Tree

At Doctor Tree we are a local tree surgeon in Cambridgeshire who offer a huge range of tree care services. We are passionate about preserving and extending the lives of trees and work hard to ensure that trees are kept in top condition. Our professional tree surgeons have all the latest equipment to keep your trees healthy and looking great. After we have completed the job we remove and dispose of any debris, ensuring that the site is always left clean and tidy.

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