Tree Reductions

What is Tree Reduction?

Reduction is the process of pruning the outer branches of a tree to reduce its overall height and width, while still maintaining a natural shape. Sometimes trees simply become too big for their location. Rather than taking the drastic action to remove the tree, reducing the size is a fantastic alternative which allows the tree to remain, without becoming a problem. Reduction is also a great way to keep the tree healthy and encourage new growth.

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How we Carry out Tree Reductions

Reduction is one of the more common tree surgeon services that we are asked to carry out, as there many reasons the size of a tree may need to be reduced. At Doctor Tree our expert tree surgeons will carry out this task in a professional and efficient manner.

We start by conducting an assessment of the tree to see by what percentage it should be reduced. This can differ depending on the size and species of tree.

We then use specialist equipment to climb the tree and strategically cut the outer branches to reduce the overall size.

We lower the branches safely to the ground and clear away any debris from the site, making sure everything is left clean and tidy.

Reducing Trees on Private Land

Tree reduction is useful to contain trees within their boundaries on private land and stop them intruding onto nearby properties. It is a more favoured option than simply removing an otherwise healthy tree and is also recommended to help keep trees in good condition throughout their lives. Reduction can also be used to reduce the risk of damage caused to a tree in storms or high winds, or to stabilise a tree that has already been damaged. Get in touch with us today to discuss any tree care services you may need.
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Reducing Trees Over Public Spaces

Sometimes large trees can cause issues if left to grow freely. They may start to overhang roads or other public spaces or interfere with overhead power or phone lines. Reducing the size of the tree is a great solution to these problems and will mean it can continue to grow without causing any obstructions. We will work with the relevant authoritative bodies to obtain all the necessary permissions and complete the work quickly and efficiently. Making the whole process as easy as possible for you.

Reducing Trees Protected by Tree Preservation Orders

If you need help with trees that are protected by Tree Preservation Orders or Conservation Areas, we will handle any applications to the council and paperwork to obtain permission for the works to take place. Making the process as easy as possible for you.
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Why choose Doctor Tree

When reducing the size of a tree in this manner, it is vital to ensure that the work is carried out correctly. The overall structure of the tree must remain intact, otherwise the stability of the tree could be compromised. Branches also need to be cut back carefully to growth points, to maintain the health of the tree. 

At Doctor Tree we are expert local tree surgeons in Cambridgeshire, so you can rest assured that we will perform the task to the highest standard, ensuring the tree continues to grow and thrive.

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