Tree Stump Removal – Stump Grinding

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of removing nuisance or unwanted tree stumps. There can be a number of reasons for stump removal, to gain more space for example or to remove a stump which is diseased. For stumps that are situated close to buildings, walls or fences, stump grinding is recommended, as is the best method to remove large stumps from small spaces without causing damage to the surrounding area. By fully removing the tree stump there is no chance of future re-growth from the tree and gives you space to replace the tree or turf over the area.

How we Carry out Stump Grinding

At Doctor Tree we use specialist stump grinding equipment to remove unwanted tree stumps. Tree stumps sometimes present a tripping hazard or obstruction or can simply be an eyesore. 

To remove a tree stump our specialist stump grinding machine is used. This uses a large cutting disc to grind out the stump, breaking it down into small pieces.

Even large tree stumps can be completely removed, leaving you with a clear area.

Our stump grinding machine can also access narrow entrance ways, so even with limited space stump removal is still possible.

Why choose Doctor Tree

We are a local tree surgeon in Cambridgeshire who specialise in safe tree stump removal. Our expert tree surgeons possess all the skills and the latest equipment to conduct the work in a safe and controlled manner. After the task is complete, we fill the hole with spoil (a combination of soil and woodchip). We can then either remove the excess, or the spoil can be left onsite. The wood chippings are perfect for use in vegetable plots and for garden composting. We remove and dispose of any debris, ensuring that the site is always left clean and tidy when we are finished. The remainder of the stump and the roots gradually rot away underground without disrupting the surrounding area, so you are free to continue with your garden renovations.
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